A stunning blend of old world elegance and breathtaking beauty. Memorable stunning focal point ingenious crafted with countless options to compliment your home.
Explore and embrace our Regal Range, perfection combined with pure joy.

  • All painting is done in house and not out sourced to third parties, this way we can guarantee quality craftsmanship.
  • Much like a French polished process, our painting technique is quite lengthy as we build up thin coats of paint to achieve a luxurious, silky smooth finish.
  • Each item painted is given 5 coats of paint, with waiting time in between for each piece to dry.
  • Between each coat of paint, all items are sanded back to achieve a thin even coat of paint.
  • Spiriting off any streaks will give a soft touch feel.
  • We can colour match to most colours.
  • Optional Decorative Flutes and Roses can be used.
  • Doors / Drawers can have profiles to be in keeping with character properties or personal styles.
  • Your choice of Painted Externals with Deluxe or Elite Internals,
  • Custom & Hand Made Product, Price on Application